• jumbo blue zirconia flap disc, type 29, 80-grit, 4.5-in

    Jumbo Blue Zirconia Flap Disc, Type 29, 80-Grit, 4.5-In

    flap disc, blue zirconia, 80 grit type 29 multiple layers of zirconia cloth flaps constantly exposing new extra sharp grinding points. cuts fast and outlast sanding discs 10-to-1.

  • hudson 8 inch sic, c-weight paper, wet/dry. metallurgical

    HUDSON 8 inch SiC, C-Weight Paper, Wet/Dry. Metallurgical

    8 inch Silicon carbide, C-Weight Paper, Wet/Dry. Metallurgical Paper PSA Back 120 Grit Abrasive Discs (100 Pack) HUDSON Abrasive Discs are fabricated with high quality C weight paper used for coarse and fine grinding of a wide variety of materials and metallurgical specimens.

  • clesco sanding sleeve 3/4" dia. x 4-1/2"l, 80 grit

    Clesco Sanding Sleeve 3/4" dia. x 4-1/2"L, 80 grit

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  • sic foil, grit 180 (us #180). 200 mm (8") dia. 50 pcs

    SiC Foil, Grit 180 (US #180). 200 mm (8") dia. 50 pcs

    Product Details For wet grinding of materials (HV 30 800). PET foil backing, for use on MD-Gekko or Gekko PSA.

  • burrell scientific shaker, steel, 3/4 in. dia., 31 in. l

    BURRELL SCIENTIFIC Shaker, Steel, 3/4 in. dia., 31 in. L

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  • bausch & lomb measuring scales general purpose 81-34-36

    Bausch & Lomb Measuring Scales General Purpose 81-34-36

    Bausch & Lomb Measuring Scales General Purpose 81-34-36 Are To Be Used With Lenscope And Measuring Magnifiers.

  • trinco aluminum oxide blast media, 125 to 250 nominal dia

    TRINCO Aluminum Oxide Blast Media, 125 to 250 Nominal Dia

    Aluminum Oxide Blast Media, 125 to 250 Nominal Dia. Micron Range, 50 lb.

  • malinco


    B 863 08a The H grades were added in response to a user association request based on its study Of over 5200 commercial Grade 2. 7. 16, and 26 test reportsq

  • class 4 stainless steel i beams subjected to fire

    Class 4 Stainless Steel I Beams Subjected to Fire

    This equation enables the appearance of a plateau until slenderness of 0.2 on the buckling curve as it will be shown on the parametric study. And the imperfection factor is obtained from Part 1.1 of EC3 using the buckling curve for hot rolled sections, which on the studied cases is equal to . α=0.34. 3.3 EuroInox manual proposal

  • standard mfg ar-15 model a 5.56/223 budsgunshop

    Standard Mfg AR-15 Model A 5.56/223 BudsGunShop

    CO.STD-15™ SPORTING RIFLE MODEL A•Right-Hand version•Matte black finish •A2 flash hider •Standard delta ring pack w/standard barrel nut •Rail height, railed gas block •M-LO STANDARD MFG.